Precision Grinding

ATD Precision has extensive experience and expertise grinding turned parts and bar stock. We can grind parts with complex shapes between centers on our ultraprecise CNC Cylindrical Grinders, which can hold tolerances as low as +/- 1.78 microns (+/-.000070”).

Operator Grinding Mold And Die

ATD Precision also operates an assortment of Centerless Grinders with in-feed and through-feed capabilities. These grinders can hold tolerances of +/- 2.54 microns (+/-.0001”). We through-feed grind most of the 12-foot-long bar stock used on our Swiss-type CNC turning centers with this equipment.

All of our grinding machines can achieve surface finishes of 6 Ra.

  • Size range of parts for Cylindrical Grinders: 2.03 mm (.08”) minimum diameter to 254 mm (10”) maximum diameter x 1016 mm (40”) maximum length
  • Size range of parts for Centerless Grinders: 1.575 mm (.062”) minimum diameter to 38.1 mm (1.5”) maximum diameter x 203.2 mm (8”) maximum length for in-feed and 3657.6 mm (144”) maximum length for through-feed

CNC Cylindrical Grinders and Centerless Grinders

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