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We love challenges at ATD Precision. We specialize in the manufacture of precision-machined parts with tolerances down to 2.5 microns (+/-.0001”). ATD has the reputation of taking on parts that are too difficult for other companies to manufacture.

For more than 50 years, ATD Precision has been a pioneer of CNC machining services, producing high-precision, complex components and assemblies for a wide range of applications and industries. Using the latest technology, we create custom machined solutions to meet even the most extreme challenges, complex designs, and unusual configurations. Our machining services have been used to create a variety of OEM parts and assemblies for aerospace, medical, defense, transportation, and fluid control applications around the world. We aim to create effective and innovative precision-machined solutions that operate flawlessly within complex systems.

Our 45,000 square-foot manufacturing facility houses the latest CNC equipment, manned by over 70 highly skilled machinists, engineers, and technicians. We are committed to incorporating sophisticated machining techniques and quality assurance processes consistent with ISO 9001 and AS9100 certification standards. As an ITAR registered supplier, our company offers a broad selection of machining services, including:

Multi-Axis Milling

ATD Precision is pleased to offer Multi-Axis Milling services for quality precision machined parts to tolerances within 5-13 microns (.0002″-.0005″). Our extensive milling capabilities extend to a maximum milled part size of 510 mm (24″) x 610 mm (24″) x 1016 mm (40″). Our fleet of state-of-the-art milling machines operate on 3-5 axes simultaneously.  ATD’s multi-axis milling capabilities include CNC milling, CAD/CAM programming, and reverse engineering.

We are pleased to provide multi-axis milling for a broad range of materials, from common metals such as aluminum, brass, steel, and titanium to exotic and precious metals like Inconel®, Molybdenum, Monel®, and Superalloys. In addition to our metal milling services, we can also process plastic polymers, including polyethylene, nylon, acetal, PVC, and ABS.

Multi-Axis Turning

At ATD Precision, our Multi-Axis Turning services can handle our customer’s most challenging machining projects. Our state-of-the-art CNC turning centers are equipped with multiple axes, double spindles, and live tooling, allowing parts to be both milled and turned when completed. These machines have auto load and unload capabilities and are arranged in cells to increase efficiency for parts requiring multiple sequences. Other equipment capabilities include large swing lathes, bar feeds, CAD/CAM programming, and reverse engineering. 

For ultraprecise parts, our turning centers are capable of achieving tolerances of +/- 2.5 microns (+/- .0001”). We are capable of turning parts from bar with maximum dimensions of 76.2 mm (3”) diameter x 1016 mm (40”) and parts from blank with maximum dimensions of 254 mm (10”) diameter x 1016 mm (40”). Our multi-axis turning services are compatible with many materials, including a variety of standard metals, exotic and precious metals, plastic polymers, and other materials. 

Swiss Turning

ATD Precision’s Swiss Turning equipment features the latest turning technology, including standard automatic magazine bar feeders, programmable back spindles, twin turrets, and live tooling capabilities. As an exceptionally accurate machining method, our Swiss-turned products are manufactured within tolerances of 13 microns (.0005″) total on outer and inner diameters. We are capable of manufacturing parts ranging in size from 2mm (.0787″) up to 32mm (1.260″) in diameter, with a maximum length of 1219.2mm (48″).

With up to 6 axes, CNC control, single- and multi-spindle operations, and Swiss screw machining, we are capable of drilling, milling, turning, and much more. Our automated Swiss turning capabilities include continuous, high-speed, and high-velocity machining for extremely efficient processing. A highly versatile process, our Swiss turning processes can be used to create precision components from a wide range of materials, including metals, exotic and precious metals, and plastic polymers. 

Precision Grinding

ATD Precision offers Precision Grinding services for turned parts and bar stock. Our exceptionally precise CNC cylindrical grinders allow us to grind even complex parts between centers, within tolerances of +/- 1.78 microns (+/-.000070″). Our cylindrical grinders are capable of grinding components in sizes from 2.03 mm (.08″) minimum diameter to 254 mm (10″) maximum diameter with a maximum length of 1016 mm (40″). Our extensive selection of centerless grinders feature in-feed and through-feed capabilities and can handle part sizes from 1.575 mm (.062″) minimum diameter to 38.1 mm (1.5″) maximum diameter with a maximum in-feed length of 203.2 mm (8″) and a maximum through-feed length of 3657.6 mm (144″). In fact, most of the 12-foot bar stock we use in our Swiss machining is through-fed with this equipment.

Our state-of-the-art grinding machines are capable of producing quality surface finishes of 6 Ra, and can be used on virtually any material, from standard metals to specialty alloys, precious metals, and polymers.

Micro Deburring

At ATD Precision, we pride ourselves on using the latest machining technology in every aspect of our business. Our Micro Deburring services reflect our commitment to innovation with cutting-edge deburring abrasives and state-of-the-art tools. Through the use of high-resolution microscopes, our deburring services remove all burrs, foreign objects, and sharp edges as required, leaving surfaces with a flawless cosmetic appearance. 

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable deburring staff is committed to ensuring pristine, burr-free finishes consistent with aerospace quality standards. Our broad selection of deburring equipment includes four microscope deburring stations, four vibratory finishing tumblers, and one Cogsdill CX-2A roller burnisher. To ensure that your product has the perfect surface finish, we offer a variety of other secondary finishing processes, as well.

Laser Marking

ATD Precision’s Laser Marking services use cutting-edge industrial laser marking technology to meet a variety of specialized requirements, including serialization, part identification, and barcoding. Our Tykma Electrox Minilase XL Laser Marking System features a rotary indexer, which allows us to accommodate both prismatic and turned parts. Laser marking technology creates durable, long-lasting marks that discolor but do not break the surface of the material, making it a highly versatile and safe marking process for a wide range of metal and non-metal components. With the latest automation and programming systems, our laser marking services are quick and efficient, perfect for high-volume applications and large-scale production orders. 

For more information about ATD Precision’s machining services and capabilities, or to work with us on your next project request a quote today.


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