Purchase Order Clauses

I. Clauses A1-A8 are requirements that apply to all suppliers of ATD Precision

A1. Right of Entry- The buyer, the buyer’s customer and their customers or any applicable regulatory agency shall have the right of access to all facilities involved in the order and to all applicable records.

A2. Quality Systems- The supplier shall maintain a quality system meeting the requirements of the ISO 9001 family of standards unless otherwise agreed to by ATD.

A3. Notification of Nonconforming Product- The supplier shall immediately notify ATD when it is suspected or known that nonconforming material has been delivered. The notification must include a clear description of the actual or suspected nonconformance.

A4. Notification of Inability to Ship- The supplier shall notify ATD as soon as it has been determined that supplier is not able to ship as specified.

A5. Use of Customer Approved Special Process Sources- The supplier shall use and direct sub-tier suppliers to use ATD or ATD’s customer’s designated suppliers as instructed on ATD’s purchase order.

A6. Packaging & Preservation-The supplier shall insure packaging and preservation is adequate to prevent damage or deterioration during shipment to ATD.

A7. Records- Supplier shall retain and maintain quality records associated with product shipped to ATD from deterioration for a minimum of ten years unless otherwise specified by purchase order.

A8. Hazardous Material- The supplier shall furnish applicable Material Safety Data Sheets for products designated by industry, state, or federal agencies as hazardous materials.

II. Clauses A9-A14 The purchase order provides further clarification and additional information, if necessary.

A9. OEM’s Certificates of Analysis- Mill or product certificates denoting chemical and physical properties shall accompany each lot/shipment.

A10. Domestic Specialty Metals- Raw material shall not be procured from foreign agencies or produced in non-domestic mills unless previously approved by ATD. Specialty metals identified in DFARS Clause 252.225-7014 which have been melted outside the US, its possessions, or Puerto Rico are prohibited and must be approved by ATD prior to shipment. If approval is granted, and independent laboratory analysis maybe required.

A11. Segregation of Product
- Raw Materials must be supplied in single heat lots only. Supplier must obtain approval from ATD prior to shipping multiple heat lots. If permission is granted, the material must be shipped in separate, clearly identified containers, bundles or skids. The supplier shall not mix material of any type. Material of different type, thickness, etc., must be shipped in clearly identified and separate containers, bundles or skids.

A12. Certificate of Conformance- The supplier shall submit 1 copy of the Certificate of Conformance with each shipment. C of C must include:
  • A general statement such as material, processing, and/or finish “on this order meet all specifications and/or drawing requirements per this PO.”
  • Supplier name
  • ATD’s PO#
  • Part number and EC #/revision level if applicable
  • Quantity shipped
  • Date (such as a run or ship date)
  • C of C may also include:
A13. Required Test Specimens- The supplier shall provide test coupons or specimens as requested by ATD’s purchase order.

A14. Acceptance of Purchase Order
- By acceptance of a Purchase Order, the Supplier certifies that all subcontract work is performed to the latest revision of the required specification, unless otherwise directed by this Purchase Order. The supplier will adhere to the direction provider in the executive order (EO) 13224, Http://WHITEHOUSE.GOV/NEWS/RELEASES/2001/09/20010924-1.HTML